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    The development of Chinese textile industry is facing six major changes

    Source:包头市德赢官网登入针织有限公司 | Release Time:2017/1/14 17:09:27 | Views:

    Reporter 20 from the China Textile Industry Association was informed that the current development of China's textile and garment industry is facing the six major changes.
    The first is the fierce competition, the market downturn. In the context of global demand downturn, the rapid development of the traditional advantages of developed countries in Europe and the United States and India, Vietnam and other emerging countries, making the textile industry more intense international competition.
    Followed by the procurement pattern is gradually dispersed. In recent years, Chinese in the United States, Japan and Europe three market share continued to decline, the international procurement decentralization trend began to appear.
    Three is the globalization dividend has been reduced. Globalization dividend is diluted with the rapid increase of regional trade agreements.
    Four is China's domestic market changes. Market demand began to focus on the transition from the focus of attention to experience, from the urban market to the urban market sink.
    Five is the rapid rise of the network economy. China's huge network of economies of scale for the textile industry to provide a market potential and innovation platform to share new modes of economic and other industries, new formats are emerging.
    Finally, the market potential continues to improve. The general promotion of residents' income, the process of urbanization and the rapid rise of middle and high income groups bring great potential for the development of China's textile industry.
    China Textile Industry Association stressed that the future should be taken as the first driving force for the development of the industry as a whole, fully committed to structural adjustment, technological innovation, green development and industry growth.
    Source: China Textile Economic Information Network

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