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    German media: "green fashion" in China has changed China manufacturing environmental image

    Source:包头市德赢官网登入针织有限公司 | Release Time:2017/1/14 17:08:22 | Views:

    German media said, "made in China" for many people is not a symbol of environmentally friendly cheap textiles. Today, however, some small brands in China are starting to provide green products that are produced in a sustainable and equitable manner.
    According to the German "Sueddeutsche Zeitung" reported on January 5th, environmental protection material jackets, handbags, homemade Merino wool underwear -- Beijing city center an exhibition hall, young designers set up booths. In the ordinary things in Berlin, Beijing is an exception: young international brand founder to show their fashion in Beijing design week, for their new project "own Uncover unveiled -" Uncover "is a China committed to promoting domestic manufacturing of independent fashion brand and network platform.
    "Of course there are some China for the sustainable development of small brands, not only in the field of fashion, but almost no people can watch their platform", the 50 year old German Marcus M Schneider has been living in Beijing for 8 years, he took his Handmade "city bag" in "Uncover" initiative.
    From Switzerland, Hans Galik founded the fashion brand "Neemic", he put more than high-grade material and environmental material mix design. Galik want to use their own brands to achieve three major goals: "first, beautiful design. Second, environmental protection production. Third, to create a platform for the exchange of art and culture in Asia and the west."
    From Germany, Switzerland, the UK and China designers brought a total of 8 young brand, they want to work with fair production conditions in this industry, precisely in the Chinese because this has 1 billion 300 million huge potential consumer market. As long as a small number of people choose green fashion, it is worth it, whether it is for these small brands, or for the environment. Greenpeace said the Chinese wastewater created by fashion industry accounted for 10% of the total Chinese wastewater, only can produce 72 kinds of dyeing process of toxic substances, the industry still needs a lot of energy and water consumption, Chinese textile chemicals accounted for the global total of 42%, ranked first.
    Reported that Schneider, Galik and other designers initiative is still very young and many other initiatives like China as its birth rate is very fast. "It took only two and a half months to go to the Beijing design week from the first loose meeting," said Schneider.
    Reported that China's middle class is the largest number of people in the world, today's young people in China than the previous generations to be rich, they spend more and more money on clothing. However, the "fair production of fashion" for the vast majority of Chinese people are still unfamiliar, but 40% of the world's textile products from China, designers have recognized this point.
    But in China, people's awareness of environmental protection is also rising. Especially in food safety and air pollution problems, more and more environmental movement. Schneider believes that, because of this, the Chinese people will soon be prepared for the production of fair fashion, ready.
    British designer Stephanie Lawson said: "I don't trust the" fast fashion ", I have been working in this industry for 6 years, but also learn a lot of things, but I also realize that it is not sustainable, nor the right way to the future." So she lifted the contract, set up its own brand in China and the production of china. But it is not easy to start a business in China, she said, the work visa to foreign workers to bring a lot of problems, it is difficult to find a factory, the factory is often only for high-volume production of customer orders.
    "If I plant and negotiate, I must soon pay, otherwise they do not listen to you," said Lawson, who must first establish a customer base for small brands that can not afford, but facing such problems is not only China young entrepreneurs, but all the people all over the world, and so.
    Schneider also believes that it is not easy for foreign entrepreneurs to gain a firm foothold in Beijing, even though he has lived in Beijing for 8 years. He said: "the cost of living in this city is very high, rents have risen sharply. So you must be prepared to work hard for it."
    Reported that, on the other hand, it also provides the opportunity for China: because in the past few years, China's production has become more equitable and environmentally friendly. Although China's textile industry is still working overtime and security risks, but the overall wage levels and working conditions have improved. Secondly, the Chinese government declared war on pollution in 2014, and for the first time in 25 years, the implementation of environmental law.
    (Reference News Network)

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